Yacht-Events with Encompass at The Travelers Cup PGA tour.

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The Travelers Championship, Connecticut’s PGA TOUR event, has provided standout golf moments and intriguing stories for over 60 years. This year was another exciting tournament with highlights including a star-studded Travelers Celebrity Pro-Am and dynamic action on the course.

The Greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc. was formed on October 21, 2005 as a nonprofit organization to promote community based fundraising activities and events, including sporting, cultural, educational and other charitable fundraising activities and events. The Foundation’s mission is to be a world class PGA TOUR event that maximizes giving to charity while benefitting the community. The Foundation’s primary fundraising activity is the Travelers Championship, Connecticut’s annual PGA TOUR golf tournament. The net proceeds realized by the tournament and other such activities and events are for the benefit of the citizens, social welfare organizations and other institutions of the community.

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