The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ‘s “Black Tie” Fund Raiser Event.

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Yacht-Events By Steven Tanzman was proud to host The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ‘s 2013 “Black Tie Cruise” this past June 15th, 2013.

The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services.

Our Key Priorities will ensure that: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society helps blood cancer patients live better, longer lives.

Thank you the NJ Team at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ‘s- It was honor to help produce this event.

Steven Tanzman

If you are interested in helping this important research : 6H6A9058-XL 6H6A9107-XL 6H6A9172-XL 6H6A9110-XL 6H6A9211-XL 6H6A9141-XL 6H6A9185-XL 6H6A9219-XL 6H6A9237-XL 6H6A9142-XL 6H6A9174-XL 6H6A9163-XL 6H6A9173-XL 6H6A9253-XL 6H6A9188-XL 6H6A9151-XL 6H6A9098-XL 6H6A9177-XL 6H6A9297-XL 6H6A9190-XL 6H6A9119-XL 6H6A9102-XL 6H6A9555-XL 6H6A9152-XL 6H6A9202-XL 6H6A9040-L 6H6A9128-XL 6H6A9104-XL 6H6A9179-XL 6H6A9440-XL 6H6A9041-L 6H6A9458-XL 6H6A9181-XL 6H6A9266-XL 6H6A9191-XL 1002267_478986945509618_1661669438_n 6H6A9589-XL 6H6A9036-L 6H6A9115-XL 6H6A9290-XL 6H6A9130-XL 6H6A9100-XL 264884_478986942176285_1146130620_n 6H6A9450-XL 6H6A9446-XL 6H6A9378-XL 6H6A9385-XL 6H6A9147-XL 6H6A9123-XL 6H6A9045-XL 6H6A9103-XL 6H6A9051-XL 6H6A9455-XL 6H6A9097-XL 6H6A9047-XL 6H6A9443-XL 6H6A9259-XL 6H6A9498-XL 6H6A9196-XL 6H6A9380-XL 6H6A9244-XL 6H6A9004-L 6H6A9199-XL 6H6A9200-XL 6H6A9403-XL 6H6A9064-XL 6H6A9099-XL 6H6A9381-XL 6H6A9273-XL 6H6A9264-XL 6H6A9494-XL 6H6A9120-XL 6H6A9444-XL 6H6A9049-XL 6H6A9176-XL 6H6A9233-XL 6H6A9435-XL 6H6A9195-XL 6H6A9094-XL 6H6A9463-XL 6H6A9031-L 6H6A9426-XL 6H6A9206-XL 6H6A9112-XL 6H6A9085-XL 6H6A9132-XL 6H6A9193-XL 6H6A9557-XL 6H6A9038-L 6H6A9072-XL 6H6A9473-XL 6H6A9309-XL 6H6A9549-XL 6H6A9483-XL 6H6A9540-XL 6H6A9460-XL 6H6A9377-XL 6H6A9194-XL 6H6A9438-XL 6H6A9308-XL 6H6A9456-XL 6H6A9033-L 6H6A9280-XL 6H6A9149-XL 6H6A9497-XL 1000059_478986955509617_2124323150_n 6H6A9216-XL 6H6A9388-XL 6H6A9436-XL 6H6A9357-XL 6H6A9032-L 6H6A9382-XL 6H6A9384-XL 6H6A9069-XL 6H6A9415-XL 6H6A9431-XL 6H6A9419-XL 6H6A9228-XL 6H6A9376-XL 6H6A9043-XL 6H6A9476-XL 6H6A9383-XL 6H6A9066-XL 6H6A9183-XL 6H6A9552-XL 6H6A9251-XL 6H6A9133-XL 6H6A9449-XL 6H6A9503-XL 6H6A9075-XL 6H6A9453-XL 6H6A9414-XL 6H6A9086-XL 6H6A9547-XL 6H6A9559-XL 6H6A9546-XL 6H6A9343-XL 6H6A9056-XL 6H6A9062-XL 6H6A9349-XL 6H6A9514-XL 6H6A9087-XL 6H6A9330-XL 6H6A9538-XL 6H6A9053-XL 6H6A9070-XL 6H6A9408-XL 6H6A9342-XL 6H6A9365-XL 6H6A9565-XL 6H6A9563-XL 6H6A9393-XL 6H6A9360-XL 6H6A9344-XL 6H6A9327-XL 6H6A9509-XL 6H6A9358-XL 6H6A9413 (2)-XL 6H6A9397-XL 6H6A9317-XL 6H6A9370-XL 6H6A9084-XL 6H6A9065-XL 6H6A9083-XL 6H6A9429-XL 6H6A9402-XL 6H6A9395-XL 6H6A9232-XL 6H6A9220-XL 6H6A9324-XL 6H6A9077-XL 6H6A9221-XL 6H6A9541-XL 6H6A9162-XL 6H6A9159-XL 6H6A9136-XL 6H6A9533-XL 6H6A9321-XL 6H6A9061-XL 6H6A9060-XL 6H6A9135-XL Bergenfield_Prom-229